Are you ready to support the core of your being?

You are successful, and likely on a career path with opportunities to expand your leadership portfolio. This can seem a confusing and lonely path at times. It need not be. You are here, now, asking the right questions.

Consider that by reflecting and questioning you have already begun to expand your leadership capacity.

Coaching today focuses on many different skills and competencies. Our coaching services focus on bringing your whole being to leading your work and life. We integrate three persistent areas of concern to expand your whole being: Personal Mastery, High Performing Change-Agents, and, managing the Entrepreneur-Executive balance

Our approach to coaching consists of mentoring, teaching and consulting to support individuals in new ways of learning and listening to enhance leading.

Building a solid foundation involves increasing our levels of awareness to continually clarify and deepen personal vision, focus energies, and develop intention with greater clarity.

We expand and refine self-knowledge of structures – attention, digital, and physical – to manage agreements in a reliable and consistent manner. This will lead to: 

  • Becoming an effective, reliable, and accountable individual performer.
  • Working with your awareness to access and develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
  • Exploring your shadow self to surface unconscious impulses that can undermine our leadership.
  • Shifting from technical skills to cultivate an emerging leadership discipline.
  • Building competencies that shift from transactional tasks to mindful practices to generate reliable and accountable outcomes.
  • Employing generative language to expand capacity for accountability. This builds trust in communications, and relationships to coordinate action.

Change is not only part of your job; it measures your performance. The way you lead yourself through change can determine career paths, effectiveness, and influence. 

Performance issues today tend to arise around coping with change. Many of these issues involve outmoded thinking, such as beliefs and frames of reference. These collide with inadequate agreements and produce incoherent actions.

Through our coaching method, we identify a compelling commitment to align your thinking, with your agreements, and action. With contemplative practices, our clients identify and lessen persistent constraints to action.

Clients are now ready to design a higher level of workability to meet their current commitments from a compelling future.

Together, we open a conversational domain from which communication encourages giving and receiving feedback, generates commitment in others, and creates a culture of accountability.

In this domain, leadership is a dance between two poles. Our coaching focuses on bridging the tension between the entrepreneur’s innovation and disruption and the executive’s discipline and consistency to scale efforts. 

If not managed this tension can ruin momentum, and miss opportunities.

Our coaching focuses on your transition either as an executive becoming more entrepreneurial or as an entrepreneur growing into an executive role.

We establish the practices that preserve the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity while cultivating the discipline and structures required of an executive to manage consistency and growth. Which are you?

We distinguish between managing and leading, and work to design a leadership portfolio with a suitable balance that matches your commitment and aspirations.


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