We work with executives and change agents that want to increase awareness to expand their learning and leadership.

Our approach breaks open preconceived notions of Listening and Learning, causing fundamental shifts that result in dramatic increases in being and action.


Our work with executives, coaches, learning professionals or educators addresses select Leadership needs to cultivate vertical development.

Becoming a CEO for the first time presents unique challenges.

We work with entrepreneurs, directors, and managers making the CEO transition in small- to mid-size organizations.

We engage first-time CEOs by expanding a new identity from your commitment. While working with us, first-time CEOs adjust to their expanded and subtle influence and gain insights into what that means.

You will also grow to own the cultural impact and social responsibility of leadership.

Additionally, we work with CEOs to expand their listening capacity to engage the difficult conversations necessary to lead through conflict, tension, and disruptive change.

Coaches, Educators, Managers, and emerging Leaders seeking to create change or make an impact are ready to expand their Leadership capacity.

In every field, discipline, artistic endeavor, and business, leaders act, while others speculate, evaluate, explain, assess, or complain, etc. Without the ability to act, leaders cannot serve.

Leaders act in language; they construct a vision, generate the future, assess current trends, and assert evidence in language. They declare future possibilities, and generate trust, commitment and empower action in language.

The Language of Leadership isn’t a method, tactic, strategy, or skill; it’s a relationship to language, spoken from the depths of responsibility and integrity, and embodied in any situation. Download our ebook on Generative Language to begin making a difference tomorrow.

We become co-creators of our lives from a generative mindset — present to the profound nature of what’s possible when we situate ourselves as creators in language, altering how we act and learn, and serve others.

Generative leaders expand “being human in language” to cultivate commitment that shapes actions from a compelling future. They coordinate action, engage in communications and shape perceptions from the future. These leaders also generate commitment in others through empowering, coaching, and learning.

Experienced leaders seek out a higher calling and generate service as the context for leadership through deep listening and learning.

Servant leaders live, learn and lead from wisdom and a commitment bigger than themselves.

They appreciate the significance of caring for staff and consumers, stewarding business commitments, and designing compelling futures.

Our firm embraces the precepts embodied by Servant Leaders as developed in our Blog on Servant Leadership


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“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

—Maya Angelou

New leadership demands a different view of learning.

Learning today must include both building skills, or “horizontal development,” and expanding mindsets, or “vertical development.”

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